about BallPythons9

I am passionate about reptiles and have been keeping and breeding ball pythons for over 15 years. I strive for excellence when it comes to the health, care, and selective genetics of my animals. I will always do my best to take care of my friends and customers in the community. Thank you for visiting my page!

Joe Richburg
Cell: 512-750-8714 | Email: joe@ballpythons9.com


Store Policy

Health on Arrival, Genetics, and Sex of all animals are 100% Guaranteed. (Any uncertainty regarding multi-gene combos will be noted.)

All animals are shipped FedEx Priority Overnight via SYR to anywhere in the contiguous United States, except where prohibited.

You must provide confirmation and be available to receive your animal on the scheduled day of arrival. You must provide accurate shipping details, including a complete and correct shipping address, or any guarantee is void. I will only ship when weather permits for the safety of the animals. It is preferable to ship to your local FedEx Ship Center for pickup, especially when conditions are less than optimal. Shipping to the hub helps avoid issues due to driver delays or accidental missed delivery, and your animal spends less time on a truck out for delivery.

Notification of any issues must be received within 2 hours of delivery. Reimbursement will be in the form of store credit.

All animals must be paid for in full prior to shipping.

You may put a Non-Refundable 25% Deposit on any animal to place it on hold for a period of 30 days, after which the animal must be paid for in full (or a payment plan established*). If such conditions are not met, I reserve the right to place the animal back on market. 

*Payment Plan Terms

If I decide the animal you are interested in is eligible for a payment plan, the terms are as follows:

A 25% Non-Refundable Deposit is required to place an animal on hold to begin your plan. Payment Plans will last a period of 1-6 months, with payments expected to be received monthly. The amount of each payment will be equal to the remaining cost of the animal, minus your deposit, divided by the number of months for your payment term. Payment #2 will be expected 30 days following your initial deposit, Payment #3 following 30 days after Payment #2, and so on until the animal is completely paid off. At that point I will ship the animal or arrange for pickup at a show, etc. Should you be unable to make a payment deadline, please reach out to me and I can generally accommodate reasonable requests if it is a one time issue. If you continually miss payments or I do not receive a payment for a period of 45 days following the previous, then I reserve the right to cancel your plan and place the animal back on market. Should you need to, or decide to cancel your plan, I will refund any amount paid beyond the initial 25% Non-Refundable Deposit. 

My goal is 100% customer satisfaction and I will do my best to ensure you are happy with your purchase!